How to Use the Site

How things work!

Auto Repos is a third party advertiser. The repossessions found on this web site are owned by the legal owners and are not consigned to Auto Repos. We do not operate an auction and all offers go directly to the legal owners/lenders. The legal owner has physical and legal possession of each vehicle found on the web site. In some cases the legal owner/lender will store the vehicle at the business site of an Auto Repos affiliate business. In most cases the legal owner/lender will have the vehicle at a storage facility or on the owner’s property. When pictures are not available we will use a stock photo that will match the floorplan, exterior and interior colors.

Beginning June 15 several lenders will be offering licensed dealer a thirty (30) day float on accepted offers. The buyers will have thirty days after the delivery date to pay for the vehicle. Not all vehicles will qualify for this delayed payment plan. Vehicles that do qualify will have this option listed on the vehicle description just below the location.

For private buyers only! Private buyers who make an offer that is accepted by a lender or legal owner will be required to either make a deposit of $250.00 or complete a credit application before the lender or legal owner will proceed with the transaction. Even if the buyer is paying cash the deposit or credit application will be required. We have had too many people make offers and then back out of the deal without even seeing the vehicle. All deposits or credit applications are between the lender and the buyer. Auto Repos Bank Owned is only a third party advertiser. Keeping our website running correctly is important to both our company as well as potential buyers. Offers received need to be processed as soon as possible. We rely on computer doctor Boise and Okasoft Design to keep our website running well and looking fresh. Deciding to go with computer doctor Boise was really an easy choice. We wanted a company with a long history in business with all the tools needed to work on problems remotely.

Making an offer!

Each vehicle listed for sale will have a minimum price that is set by the legal owner/lender. Only offers over the set minimum will be considered.

To make an offer on a vehicle simply fill out the offer form found on the “Making Offers” page. If the offer is accepted the legal owner/lender will notify the customer within 24 hours. All vehicles listed on this web site are front line ready! Car fax, 89 point mechanical inspection and a complete detail. We are car people with over 30 years in the retail car sales business. We rely on repeat business! Most dealerships still require their shop to inspect the vehicles. These vehicles will pass inspection without additional work. Guaranteed!

An offer is either accepted or not accepted. The legal owner/lender will not make a counter offer. This business is set up to deal with auto professionals and private buyers who know what they want and can make a decision. If a buyer is not contacted within 24 hours the offer has not been accepted. Offers are welcome until the vehicle is sold.

* If you are interested in the E-Book “How to buy and sell vehicle repossessions” please click on the E-Book link on the top left corner of this page.

Accepted offers!

If your offer is accepted by the legal owner/lender you will be contacted by the seller and an appointment to inspect the vehicle will be set up at that time. There are no down payments or deposits required when making an offer. The prospective buyer has 48 hours to inspect the vehicle. All payments, financing, transfer of title, collection of taxes and/or fees are the responsibility of the seller and the buyer.

How we are different!

There are so many Internet companies and dealers advertising their inventory and using the few repossessions that they use to lure in buyers. Other companies work with lenders that are trying to get their total loan investment back. Lenders usually have negative equity in most repossessions. I’m sure you have heard the term “Upside down” in a vehicle.

We only work with lenders who understand that a vehicle is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it! On this web site buyers can expect to find repossessions that are priced to sell.

It is a waste of time for everyone when vehicles are overpriced or in bad condition. All of the vehicles listed on this web site have been checked mechanically and detailed.

Common Questions!

Q. Can I preview the vehicle before making an offer?
When a vehicle is stored at one of our dealer affiliate locations it is possible to view the vehicle. If the vehicle has been put into storage by the lender it will not be able to be seen until an offer has been accepted by the lender. Remember, buyers are under no obligation to buy the vehicle until they have had a chance to inspect and approve the sale. We are only interested in serious offers! Prospective buyers should have all questions answered before making an offer. If a buyer makes an offer that is accepted they are expected to follow through with the sale. If at the time of inspection the vehicle is not as advertised we do not expect the buyer to purchase the vehicle. If a buyer makes an offer that is accepted and just changes their mind they will no longer be able to make offers.

Q. Do these lenders offer financing?
A. The lenders do offer financing using conventional guidelines. Just because these are repossessions there are no special financing available. If you have been turned down for a vehicle loan before you will probably not be able to be financed by these lenders.

Q. Do the vehicles come with a guarantee or warranty?
A. Many vehicles come from the factory with a transferable warranty. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check with the manufacturer about warranty questions. Many companies will offer extended warranties for a fee. All vehicles are guaranteed to have a clean title and a Car-fax is available at the time of purchase.

Q. How do I know if buying a repossession is for me?
This is probably the most important question of all. We are a no frills operation offering large savings to our buyers. If you are the type of person who is afraid of buying something on the internet then this is not designed for you. In reality we only advertise the vehicles. When it is time to make the buying decision buyers are dealing with the legal owner/lender holding the title. Dealerships exist for a good reason! They can buy your trade, arrange financing and offer you a multitude of products that you may or may not want to buy. They do all the work for you and charge you for their services.