E-Book: Buying and Selling Bank Repossessions

Repossessions eBook

Buy and sell vehicle repossessions and start making money today!

Are you tired of all of the dead end opportunities available to the average person while the 1 percent make all the real money? There are more bank owned vehicle repossessions today than ever before. You may be interested in a part-time income to supplement your job or you may want to change everything and go in a different direction. Most people have no idea of how much banks, credit unions and finance companies are looking for more buyers from the private sector. Let’s get right to the question everyone wants to ask, (What is in it for us?) Simple, we want to help people start in this business because we have vehicle repossessions to sell. Even though you will get information on where to find repossessions where you live, you will still probably buy some of our inventory. You may decide to start your own web site and charge lenders to advertise just like we do.

We have an eight year track record and currently maintain an A+ rating at the better business bureau. To receive a condensed E-book and a membership to this web site please click on the pay pal button below. Becoming a member will also save you $250 on any vehicle you may decide to purchase. As a member we do the paperwork and financial screening that saves the bank that cost. As an update; we have helped 18 people start selling repossessions. sales of vehicles have increased almost 20 percent for 2017.

The book covers where to really find vehicle repossessions locally and nationwide as well as complete step by step information covering how to make an offer, where to find the real value and strategies proven to make your offer be accepted.

  1. Finding repossessions
  2. The buying process
  3. Credit union guide
  4. Setting up your business
  5. Buying a repossession for yourself
  6. Selling repossessions to dealers
  7. Selling to the public
  8. Membership for continued updates
  9. Sell some repossessions without buying them first.
  10. How to get a dealers license or better yet work on an existing license.

For individuals looking for a great deal for themselves the information in the book is all you will need. For others wishing to start making money buying and selling repossessions and feel they need a little help we are only a mouse click away. We will help anyone speed up the process of getting things set up. Your “How to buy and sell repossessions” will arrive via your Email account within 24 Hours.