We are one of the only auto repossession web sites that actually offer bank repossessions to the public as well as dealerships. Most Internet businesses on the web are actually dealers that have a few repossessions to lure buyers to view their real inventory. Other web sites are just holding sites for overpriced vehicles that are actually priced at retail or more!

If you want to learn all the inside information about how to buy the repossessions and save up to $500 off any purchase please click on the E-book link in the upper left corner of this page. Knowing how to contact the lenders directly can save time and money. You also learn how to be involved in starting a business similar to this one. We market repossessions, after reading the E-book we think that you will probably find the information useful. So far this year 16 people have started marketing and in some cases buying and selling repossessions.

We only deal with banks and brokers who represent lenders that are willing to sell the repossession inventory for close to wholesale and move on. With over seven years of Internet sales experience we offer both lenders and buyers a real win-win proposition. Working with independent advertisers nationwide we are able to tap into buyers that local advertising can overlook.

As with all sales creative financing is a big part of any successful sales business. Auto Repos can provide a list of over one hundred lenders made up of banks, credit unions and finance companies. Financing is much easier to obtain when the lender is financing a low priced repossession.

Beginning June 15 several lenders will be offering licensed dealer a thirty (30) day float on accepted offers. The buyers will have thirty days after the delivery date to pay for the vehicle. Not all vehicles will qualify for this delayed payment plan. Vehicles that do qualify will have this option listed on the vehicle description just below the location.

For private buyers only! Private buyers who make an offer that is accepted by a lender or legal owner will be required to either make a deposit of $250.00 or complete a credit application before the lender or legal owner will proceed with the transaction. Even if the buyer is paying cash the deposit or credit application will be required. We have had too many people make offers and then back out of the deal without even seeing the vehicle. All deposits or credit applications are between the lender and the buyer. Auto Repos Bank Owned is only a third party advertiser.

A large percentage of the inventory found on our web site has already been offered for sale at dealer auctions. There are many reasons why lenders decide to pull their inventory from the auto auctions. When a vehicle is at an auction it is out of the control of the lender. Many vehicles are damaged, vandalized or just do not sell. Using the Internet allows lenders to market their vehicles directly to the general public. Some smaller dealerships have gone away from the dealer auctions and have started buying from the lender directly. This option allows buyers to have more time to inspect and road test the vehicle under normal driving conditions. Driving a vehicle down a short test track does very little to help a buyer evaluate the total condition of the vehicle. We urge buyers to have the vehicle mechanically inspected and road tested before making a decision. All of the vehicles on this web site have been saftey checked and fully detailed! These are front line ready Guaranteed!

If you are interested in the E-Book “How to buy and sell vehicle repossessions” please see the E-Book link if the upper left hand corner of the page.

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